Prep Cook, Waitstaff/Housekeeping, & Wranglers Needed at Eastern TN Dude Ranch

French Broad Outpost Ranch


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800-995-7678 or 423-487-3120


Del Rio, TN

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Description :

Prep Cook helps prepare all meals, serve and help clean kitchen and dining room.
Also helps with rooms on certain days in between meals.
Marked as seasonal but can be full year round employment for the right candidate.
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$400 first 2 weeks, then evaluation for raise


Waitstaff/housekeeping takes care of the rooms with daily cleaning, turnovers when guests check out, waiting on guests during family style and outdoor meals, cleaning dining room and kitchen.
Shifts are 8-9 hours long 5 days a week and on Sunday all day as this is the main turnover day. Pay is monthly salary with room and board and end of season bonus.
There are opportunities for year round employment for those who qualify. Please send resume to our email listed. We will call you to discuss job after your information has been reviewed.
[email protected]
$350 first 2 weeks, then evaluation for raise


Now seeking seasonal and/or permanent wranglers for 2017. Duties include taking out trail rides, cattle drives and team penning. Some wranglers with suitable experience will help train horses.
Other duties are feeding, equine care and maintenance of ranch. Please email a resume first, then we will call you for an interview. Ranch work is a ‘daylight to dark’ kind of lifestyle.
All hires have a 2 week paid trial period after which pay raises are determined by quality of work and effort. You cannot bring any animals until 3 months service.
Pay is base salary, merit pay bonuses, free room & board & utilities & wifi.
Please email a resume for employment.
[email protected]
$350 first 2 weeks, then evaluation for raise