Ranch Couple needed (Foreman, Farm & Hospitality Services) at Private Ranch in NE Wyoming

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Sweetgrass Ranch

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Weston, WY
Job Type
Full Time
Negotiable based on experience
Date Posted
April 23, 2023
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

5,600 Acre private ranch in NE Wyoming Black Hills in search of a couple to live and work year-round, full-time on the ranch. These positions will divide and share the responsibilities of managing our building and equipment maintenance, our equine/livestock program and provide support with other ranch projects and hospitality operations per individual skill sets and interest. The opportunities are endless. Sweetgrass opens its doors, fields and lodging seasonally to guests. Commercial upland bird hunting (August – November), family reunions, and small corporate retreats (May-June). Property amenities include: 10 stand sporting clays course, 5-stand, shotgun, handgun and 250-yard rifle ranges, equestrian center, coop/rabbitry, ATV trails, hiking trails, warm-water fishing, limited cattle operations, greenhouse, orchard, farm to table gardening & beekeeping.

Although the jobs and qualifications outlined in this listing are desired, it is not expected that every element will be met in any two people. We are looking for the RIGHT couple that have good chemistry with our ranch family, whose experiences lend itself to contribute in a broad spectrum either through direct execution of these tasks or comfort in overseeing outside vendors in these efforts. We find the best candidates are comfortable in four seasons of weather, and have experience in higher altitudes and Northern climates.

Event Activations:

During Fall/Spring season ranch activations, these positions will participate in the guest experience and provide services such as: Horseback trail rides, ATV tours, upland hunt guiding, possibly big game hunt guiding, transportation services to/from airport and on ranch. A strong presence and excellent customer service skills are highly desirable. Experience in the hospitality profession is also a desired attribute.

Compensation provided as annual salary paid monthly, and on-ranch housing & utilities. Annual bonuses are offered for exemplary work. During seasonal activations, gratuities can be expected in addition to salary.

Preliminary Job Descriptions for Applicants

Sweetgrass Ranch Foreman & Livestock Manager

Equipment Maintenance:

  • Periodic service of all Rangers, ATV’s, lawncare equipment, small equipment, on-highway vehicles (pickup trucks, SUVs, etc. Includes wheels, tires, oil and fluid changes, filter changes, belts, spark plugs, etc.
  • Periodic and as necessary service of all heavy equipment (tractors, bulldozer, road grader, backhoe, trenchers, etc.). Includes wheels, tires, oil and fluid changes, filter changes, belts, spark plugs, etc.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of all Rangers, ATV’s, lawncare equipment, small equipment, on-highway vehicles and trailers, as well as, maintenance of all heavy equipment within the ranch’s capability.
  • Installation and removal of accessories including light bars, winches, gun racks, tool and equipment bags, boxes, cargo racks, etc. on Rangers, ATV’s, pickup trucks.
  • Ensure the ranch shop is organized and appropriately stocked at all times with necessary equipment, tools, and supplies to complete ranch tasks.

Building Maintenance:

Periodic and comprehensive maintenance of all buildings, gates, gazebos, etc. on the property. Includes minor roof repairs, HVAC, plumbing, septic tanks, leach fields, decks, windows, doors, etc.

Landscaping, Gardening, Farming:

  • Assist with annual plantings, pruning, clearing, mulching, staking, fencing, bed building, fertilizing, mowing, etc. as needed.
  • Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems or oversee contractors conducting the work.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all ponds, aeration systems, docks, damns, etc.

Power Generation Equipment Maintenance:

  • Oversee or conduct maintenance of all generators including monitoring operating status and changing batteries when required.
  • Oversee or conduct maintenance of all switching and power distribution equipment.
  • Oversee or conduct maintenance of all solar power generating equipment including panels, batteries, and control equipment.

Property Maintenance:

  • Maintenance of all fences and gates. Moving fences and gates when necessary or advisable.
  • Maintenance of all water sources on the ranch; wells, stock tanks, pumps, electrical infrastructure.
  • Maintenance of all ranch roads. Includes maintenance of all cattle gates/guards, bridges, installing bridges when needed, installing drainage when needed, etc.

Minor Construction:

Maintain small livestock coops, hutches, and corrals, game bird building, landscaping planters and similar, sporting clays stands, miscellaneous carpentry projects. Welding skills are desirable.

Livestock Management:

  • Currently the equine program is small, we have nine horses that are here year-round. This is not a training operation; nor do we want or expect inexperienced horses in our program. Our goal for the program is to be #1 safe, #2 entertaining, and #3 informative. Our goal is to have well-mannered horses for ranch use and to provide safe trail horses to ride during guest activations. This position may manage seasonal wranglers as needed.
  • Provide appropriate care and management to all livestock on the ranch. This includes but may not be limited to horses, cattle, hunting dogs, house dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats.
  • Maintain breeding records and registrations for all horses and manage the Missouri Foxtrotter Breeders Association membership for the ranch.
  • Develop a breeding program to deliver one or two high quality foals for the ranch per year.
  • Manage all horse sales, purchases, pickups, and deliveries as needed.
  • Ensure that all horses are appropriately pastured to accomplish two purposes; that all livestock gets proper feed and nutrition, and that livestock grazing is not detrimental to wildlife habitat.
  • Maintain all stalls, runouts, tack rooms, feed rooms, the bunkhouse (during non-active season), and indoor arena in the large barn. This includes both serviceability and cleanliness.
  • Maintain all tack, horse blankets, and other equipment associated with the horse operation.
  • Provide training for all horses and riders as needed. Design and supervise horsemanship and equitation training programs for the owners.
  • Move horses or other livestock by trailer when necessary.
  • Schedule and be present for all veterinary & farrier care.
  • Maintain all veterinary, diet, breeding, and production records for all livestock on the ranch.
  • Manage hunting dogs in accordance with good practice. Ensure proper feeding and exercise in conjunction with Ranch Manager and Owners.

Sweetgrass Ranch Hospitality & Venue Coordinator


Provide year-round assistance to owner, in support of hospitality operations in various event venues on the property; and to serve as the Sweetgrass at Thunderbasin representative in place of owner when necessary. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Inventory and product/supplies procurement
  • Coordinating vendor contracts (massage/entertainment/photographers/speakers/equipment maintenance (when specialists are required)/, etc.)
  • Develop contact database for service providers
  • Contracting & maintaining service logs for mechanical venue equipment
  • Coordinate annual repairs to equipment and supplies
  • Oversee and coordinate hospitality installations, activations, and winterization for seasonal operations, ie. Field Tents, back country chuckwagon venue, Rendezvous event center, Covey Conference Center, The Spa, the Lodge and to some extent, the Berm House.
  • Maintain inventory & coordinate organized storage of all venue supplies: tables, chairs, décor, glassware, china, flatware, equipment, culinary equipment, catering equipment, bird processing equipment and supplies, etc.
  • Develop and maintain product loss reports; actively during operations
  • Staging for guest activations – indoor and outdoor spaces, ie. furniture, décor, table settings, lighting, music, overall ambience
  • Communicating to appropriate departments cleaning and repairs necessary for activations, and assist in the efforts when needed
  • Oversee Vehicle cleanliness and stock prep – all guest facing vehicles clean, confirmed in working order, and stocked with appropriate supplies prior to activation. Includes but not limited to: hunting trucks, rangers, ATVs, Transit van, suburban.

Duck Creek Farm

Provide support to owner in Duck Creek Farm operations to include: Farm to Table gardening, maintenance, procurement for culinary garden and greenhouse; orchard upkeep, maintenance, and harvest; small livestock care and breeding operation (chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, cats, dogs, etc.), beekeeping. Assist with record keeping, applications, farmer’s market operations (future), farm procurement, expansion plans, and accounting.

To also include support with seasonal responsibilities such as: annual seed starting, garden installation, watering, fertilization, annual winterization, etc.

Sweetgrass Steiner Ranch/Sweetgrass Ranching and Wildlife

Assist the ranch family with ranch-wide projects as needed. To include, but not limited to:

  • Landscaping – oversight or periodic installation/maintenance, fertilization, pruning, pond treatments, etc.
  • Care and feeding of livestock in conjunction with others
  • Occasional cleaning, organization, and maintenance of any or all buildings on the ranch
  • Miscellaneous ranch work like: painting, staining, hanging, assembling, hauling, organizing
  • Supporting any and all other ranch family members when tasks require extra sets of hands
  • Support other departments in organizational procedures, ie. Help develop systems for ranch equipment maintenance logs, other inventories, etc.


Forward cover letter & resume to our email address.

Visit website here: https://www.sweetgrassthunderbasin.com/

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