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The Preserve at Walnut Springs

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Johnson City, TX
Job Type
Full Time, Year round
$60,000 / year & up, depending on experience
Date Posted
March 7, 2024
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

Background: The Preserve at Walnut Springs (PWS) is a 2,000-acre residential development with 66 residential lots, each 5-7 acres in size, and 1,500 acres of shared, multi-use open space. Amenities included in the open space are a clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, an equestrian barn and covered and open arenas, over 20 miles of trails, picnic tables and various small scale recreation areas.

Job Duties: Provide leadership of ranch/preserve personnel as a prudent ranch owner would, setting and managing priorities, making prudent decisions, and taking care of immediate and short-term projects while working towards the long-term needs of the community. The incumbent has a wide range of responsibilities and works in partnership with the off-site Community Manager and under the supervision of the President of the PWS Homeowners Association. Position is full-time, Monday – Friday, and on-call for emergencies.

Specific Tasks: The following list of specific duties is not all inclusive:

1. Provide leadership of Ranch Personnel

  • In consultation with Community Manager and HOA President, set and manage priorities for ranch hands and Equine Manager
  • Exercise prudent judgement in making day-to-day decisions about work assignments
  • Serve as primary point of contact for Community Manager and HOA President for all on-going and planned activities

2. Ranch / Open Space Management –

  • Assist Ranch Hands with longhorn cattle herd (20-30 head), cover feeding/checking when needed
  • Gate code management as well as dealing with any issues with the gates
  • Manage maintenance and repair projects, as needed
  • Manage equipment/vehicle maintenance
  • Trail maintenance – clearing debris, mowing
  • Maintenance of high fences on property lines

3. Clubhouse and Equestrian Facilities –

  • Mowing/trimming and landscaping
  • Repairs to buildings and utilities
  • Pool cleaning between regular professional pool visits, as needed
  • Schedule and perform lot maintenance on private lots under PWS concierge program

4. Equestrian Program –

  • Manage pasture rotation in consultation with DEW, Equine Manager and HOA President
  • Cover feeding horses when Ranch hand or Equine Manager are away
  • Fence and gate management for pastures
  • Bulk feed purchases and hauling
  • Haul horses to and from pastures, when needed
  • Cover trail rides when Equine Manager is away
  • Manage and track equestrian expenses
  • Assure Equestrian Insurance coverage

5. Hunting Program –

  • Perform wildlife surveys and coordination with TPWD personnel
  • Assure participation in Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP)
  • Work with DEW committee to develop annual program rules / guidelines
  • Develop rules and guidelines for whitetail deer harvest program considering safety, legal requirements and effective population management
  • Develop hunting program(s) for other wildlife (i.e. turkey, dove, etc.) as appropriate
  • Manage hunters and hunter communications
  • Manage communication with community in general to assure safety
  • Check/fill feeders and cameras

6. Wildlife Management –

  • Assure that management activities in current Wildlife Plan are scheduled and completed in the open space lots. These include, but are not limited to:
  • – – Habitat management
  • – – Erosion Control
  • – – Predator Control
  • – – Supplemental water supplies
  • – – Supplemental food supply
  • – – Providing shelter
  • – – Census counts to determine population
  • Work with DEW to assure that lot owners perform required activities
  • Prepare and submit Annual Wildlife Management Plan Activities Report to Blanco County Appraisal District

7. Design, Environment, and Wildlife (DEW) Committee Support –

  • Actively participate in DEW meetings
  • Schedule and execute DEW projects, as approved by HOA Board of Directors
  • Attend DEW building envelope selection site visits during home design process

8. Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Support –

  • Attend site visits with ARC members
  • Attend ARC meetings
  • Assist in pre-construction meetings and enforcement of construction requirements

9. Other duties as assigned.


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The Preserve at Walnut Springs - Texas

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