Ranch Hand needed at Commercial Cattle Ranch in Deer Lodge, Montana

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Rock Creek Cattle Company LTD

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Deer Lodge, MT
Job Type
Full Time or Seasonal
Competitive Industry Pay based on experience and skill set, great benefits for full time year round employees
Date Posted
March 5, 2024
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

Position Summary:

Rock Creek Cattle Company, LTD – Ranch Hand

This is a diversified position which requires oversight and coordinated management of our irrigation systems, equipment, vehicles, cattle, and facilities. This position is critical to our company’s success as measured by profitability and overall ecological health through optimized production of grazing and harvested feeds as well as animal performance. It will be important to organize, help, and work as a team to achieve optimal production. It will be necessary to coordinate labor and equipment needs with others on the team. The ability to plan, adhere to schedules, and communicate will be important. The individual will answer to the Rock Creek Cattle Company LTD Cattle Division Foremen.

Position Qualifiers:

  • A minimum of 5 years of livestock experience and demonstrated competence in animal health, grazing management, and cow nutritional management.
  • Experience in, and willingness to use minimal stress animal handling techniques and exhibit good horsemanship skills.
  • Previous experience operating heavy equipment.
  • Experience with maintenance/general mechanical repairs of ranch equipment and vehicles.
  • Experience with standard barbwire and electric fence, as well as corral construction and maintenance.
  • Ability to stand or ride for long periods of time, lift 100lbs, and work outside in all types of weather conditions.
  • Good Attitude
  • Willingness to try new ideas and be creative
  • Strong moral character

Position Expectations:

  • Participate in day-to-day activities on the Ranch, including – putting out salt and mineral, feeding livestock, checking stock water, observing for health issues, branding (roping and ground crew), assisting in calving operations, assisting in cattle work days, assist in cattle moves.
  • Maintenance of fences, corrals, facilities, and stock water improvements.
  • Effective irrigation of crops achieving targeted harvest rates.
  • Seasonal and daily field and ditch maintenance.
  • Seasonal and daily maintenance of irrigation systems.
  • Communicate with management team regarding labor and equipment needs.
  • Exhibit a positive attitude, good communication and teamwork. You will need to get results through people.
  • Perform equipment, vehicle, and facilities maintenance. To include maintenance records and schedules.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work environment, including equipment, facilities, and vehicles.
  • Practice safe and efficient means of accomplishing all work.
  • Identification and management of noxious weeds.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly living space provided by the Ranch.
  • Take direction from Livestock Division Foremen.
  • Arrive on time as scheduled with a good attitude and ready to give a full day’s work.
  • Duties and responsibilities are subject to change dependent upon ranch operational needs.

Rock Creek Cattle Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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