Ranch Hand needed in western Colorado ~ Individual or Couple welcome

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Seymour Feedlot

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Olathe, CO
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Full Time
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December 21, 2021
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0-2 yrs

We are a family operation that has been in Western Colorado since 1909. Our home is in Olathe CO, the home of Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn. Our married son is now moving into the management of our operation, his family is the sixth generation on the operation. We are a very diverse operation that farms, runs a mother cow herd and has a backgrounding and a finishing lot for cattle. Olathe is the hub of the Uncompahgre Valley. It is a nice community that has great schools.

Our operation never has a dull moment or even a real slow season. We farm over 600 acres – we mainly raise crops for the feedlot picking corn, silage corn and hay but do have some cash crops too. Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn is grown in our valley and is known throughout the USA. We run a mother cow herd on the largest flat top mountain in the world, Grand Mesa. In the fall we background calves for several operations as well as our own. We typically will finish five semi loads of fats each spring too. We work six days a week. Summer has some long hours and winter will have less. This isn’t a 9-5 job but we joke it is more like dawn to done. Summer is usually 60-70 hours a week and winter is sometimes 50 hours a week. We do have some slower times but we are always busy. We plan accordingly so we could make it to some ropings and fishing trips.

We are willing to teach the correct person or couple. We really do not have enough work for a couple but there are times we need an extra hand. Trailing cattle from pasture to pasture, moving them up on the mountain, processing cattle, calving time, are some times anyone who wants to jump in and help we welcome. There are other jobs available in our area for your spouse or significant other.

We want to be honest this is not just a “cowboy” job. Yes, there is time in the saddle, some days more than you really want but we also farm. We have an irrigated farm so there is tractor work to prepare the fields, planting, irrigating and harvest. March through June we have a lot of tractor hours. In the fall there will be silage season where you will be driving trucks for about three to four weeks then when we harvest the grain corn, we have to move trucks around. We ride horse when we move cows to the mountains, pack salt, move them to various pastures, calving season, some feedlot work, and several long days in the fall when we are rounding up off our cattle allotment on Grand Mesa.

We have housing available. Our other son recently remodeled a trailer into a beautiful show home for his family but then their lives led them to Texas where he is an Assistant Trainer in a cutting horse operation. His wife loved it here but they followed their dreams back to Texas. It is a three-bedroom house with a large yard and dog kennel. When they were there, they had a pen set up for the ranch horses. The calving barn and facility is between “your” would be housing and our other son’s house. We can send you pictures of the house. Completely gutted and remodeled – they did not spare much expense on it. It is not a typical trailer house when you get inside. They were just starting to work on the outside when they decided to leave a year ago.

We attend a Cowboy church that has several events all through the year from roping to gymkhanas. Every Thursday night through the summer and fall they rope. Some are free and others are jackpots. I substitute at the local high school and middle school almost full time. Our daughter in law is the Family Director for their church in Montrose. They have a two-year-old boy and they are expecting a little girl this spring. Our other 3 kids come home through the year to help and visit but they live out of state – one is in Wyoming and two are in Texas.

We are looking for someone that wants to come and work. Wants to learn our operation and flourish where you excel but is also willing to do the work that you might not truly enjoy. Really who likes to shovel rows when we first start irrigating?! There is a lot of fishing and hunting in our area. We are looking for someone who wants a long-term job. We will train the right person. Our past employees have been with us 10-12 years. We have had two that were only here for 1-2 years which is disappointing to us since we just get them trained and they move on. Our operation is so diverse that you will not learn it all until you have been here a year. Some of our past employees have started their own mother cow operation running on our allotment. We want to see you succeed and have a quality life. We would prefer non-smokers but as long as you don’t smoke in the equipment, around the feedlot or in the house we would be able to work with that.

We would love to hear from you if our operation sounds like it would work for you and your family. Pay is based on your experience.

To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address.

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