Farm & Ranch Manager needed in Smithsville, Texas ~ Couples welcome

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Smithsville, TX
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
April 3, 2021
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Looking for an experienced manager for the ranch. Ideally, we would like a couple & the wife can do some light cooking/cleaning. Either live on the property or commute from Smithville/Bastrop. This is not a working ranch – just used for personal use .


  • 558 acres
  • 20’ish cattle and maybe horses down the road
  • Living accommodations either a park RV or free standing house


  • Direct the breeding or raising of stock, such as cattle.
  • Hire, train, or supervise workers if additional help is needed for a specific project.
  • Inspect farm or ranch structures, such as buildings, fences, or roads, ordering repair or maintenance activities, as needed. Construction experience is a plus.
  • Monitor pasture or grazing land use to ensure that livestock are properly fed or that conservation methods, such as rotational grazing, are used. Ranch not yet set-up for rotational grazing.
  • Negotiate with buyers for the sale, storage, or shipment of crops or livestock.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Plan crop activities based on factors such as crop maturity or weather condition
  • Prepare budgets or financial reports for farm or ranch operations.
  • Select or purchase machinery, equipment, livestock, or supplies, such as seed, feed, fertilizer, or chemicals.
  • Supervise the construction of farm or ranch structures, such as buildings, fences, drainage systems, wells, or roads.
  • Inspect farm or ranch equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Inspect orchards or fields to determine crop maturity or condition or to detect disease or insect infestation.
  • Monitor and adjust irrigation systems to distribute water according to crop needs and to avoid wasting water.

To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address.

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To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address. Or call for more info.

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