Gamekeeper/Habitat position available at 4,100 acre Private Hunting Ranch in Florida

Amistad Ranch

Okeechobee, FL
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
May 10, 2022
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Amistad is two adjoining ranches creating a 4,100-acre private hunting ranch situated eight miles east of the town of Okeechobee. It has extensive forestry, Lakes, farmland, and a large 80-acre parkland area. The ranch is maintained to the highest of standards and primarily kept as a private hunting preserve for the ranch owner, his family, and friends.

The workforce includes a full time Forester, Groundsman, Gamekeepers, Ranch Foreman, Dog trainers, General Farm workers, along with a seasonal House Manager, Chef and Housekeeper.

The ranch also has a Cow/Calf operation, Game bird rearing/holding pens along with extensive hunting dog kennels. There are numerous staff houses within the ranch fenced in boundaries, all of which are kept to the highest standards.

The ranch has two main seasons, the hunting season (Nov-April) and maintenance season (May-October) The large dog kennels found at Amistad, house some of the very best American and British gundogs and are an extremely important part of the ranch.

The ranch hunts extensively during the winter months with shoots every Saturday when the owner is in residence. Amistad is primarily a bird hunting ranch for Quail, Pheasant and Partridge, but wild boar, whitetail deer and turkey can also be found on the ranch,

Purpose & Scope

The Carolina’s Gamekeeper will primarily be responsible for developing the Wild & Early release Quail program on the Quail Course known as “The Carolina’s”. This will include working with the Ranch Manager in strategic planning and placement of Game Covers & Habitat management. Ensuring an adequate feeding and watering regime is adhered to after birds are released and during the closed season. “The Carolina’s” Keeper is also responsible along with game keeping team for the maintenance of all pheasant and quail pens on the holding field. I.e. Ensures release pens are of a high standard, predator proof and well maintained.

The position would require working with the Ranch manager/Ranch Foreman on the planning and implementation of shoot days in “The Carolina’s” (Approx.10-15 days per annum). The position requires the employee to be able to identify populations of wild game found on the ranch, recommend, and guide the shoot parties to those locations. Plan and implement agreed annual burning programs in a safe and efficient manner that promotes increased wild game populations including white tail deer & Turkey.

In addition, the employee will be responsible for working alongside the current wildlife team in constantly managing and improving the wild bird habitat for Game birds such as the Bob White Quail at both North & South ranches. Periodically check on the cattle herd when grazing on “The Carolina’s” beat and report issues back to the ranch manager/ranch foreman. The position requires extremely high levels of predator control skills and an understanding of local & state legislation in achieving this.

“The Carolina’s” Gamekeeper is expected to assist in maintaining high levels of landscape management such as Road & Track Repairs, Fencing maintenance, mowing, weed control, tree pruning etc. in maintaining the high standards of the aesthetics on the ranch.

This position is live-in and the employee would be required to act as the main security on the East Entrance to Amistad Ranch and report any incidents to the ranch manager or Foreman in a timely manner.

Please do not apply for this position if you are looking for a 9-5 job. The position is a busy one during the hunting season and time off needs to be arranged around hunting and feeding birds during this period. While a busy position during the winter months Amistad will always reward hard work and there is a great team here.

TO APPLY: For more information, and to apply, please forward your bio & resume to our email address. Or call for more info.

[email protected]


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