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Gilbert, AZ
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December 3, 2017

Great opportunity for the right fit- groundskeeping/maintenence/ranch hand

Looking for a ranch hand to maintain our 5 acre backyard horse property. We currently have two horses in residence. Work is approximately 2-4 hours per day (barring any unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, once everything is caught up on.) (give or take depending on the projects needing to be done, how you choose to work and how many animals you bring to the property).

It is very possible for the right candidate to have an offsite job (This is the perfect opportunity for a couple with one partner working offsite or someone with other income such as retirement, pension, or schooling.) or someone interested in starting their own training business without wanting the rent of stalls/property. (we have 15 stalls and 3 acres of grass turnout along with an oversize roping arena). One day per week will be treated as an off day from the grounds maintenance but horse care will still be your responsibility. We are happy to help out on a day that you need to be away, but will need notice first.

Basic duties are care and feeding of horses, mucking stalls and pastures, being onsite when owners are away, taking out and bringing in of garbage bins weekly, groundskeeping, weeding, painting trees, knowledge of composting very handy, maintaining owners pool, fixing whatever breaks (i.e. waterers, sprinklers, leaks, electric wires, fencing, etc.),going to the store to get supplies (2 miles away and we will reimburse you). Good skills to have are pasture maintenance, welding, MUST have knowledge of horsecare, and light doctoring.

Training experience highly appreciated, use of farm machinery and competency in fixing them a must. The vast majority of large equipment needed (tractor, riding mower, atv, dump trailer, etc.) provided. If you have your own smaller tools please bring them. The more of the following skills you have the better: Knowledge of pasture maintenance, welding, electric, fixing fencing, landscape/grounds-keeping, pool maintenance, composting, plumbing, sprinkler/bubbler repair, knowledge of fixing large machinery, handyman/fix-it type work such as fixing automatic waterers as they break, fixing fencing, knowledge of equine hoof care, basic doctoring of equine, knowledge of training/tuning up/exercising equine.

We are offering a fully furnished, covered, and hooked up 31 foot RV, cable, internet, electric (upto $80 per month),1-4 30×25 enclosed stalls, 24/7 grass turnout, 60’ round pen, roping arena, water, washer and dryer for use in the tack room, private gated entrance and $400 per month to start.(Salary negotiable dependent upon experience, skill set and performance, as well as how many horses you bring with you.)

We back right up to the canal/flood control and you can ride off the property and for hours. There is some storage available in the shed and tack room. We will reevaluate at 6 months. We are really pretty laid back and aren’t sticklers on when the work gets done, as long as it gets done. It’s 5 acres and two horses. We also will be renting out the guest house as a B and B for short term travelers with horses. You will be required to muck stalls for guests, possibly feed, etc. If you are needed for turnout of guest horses or exercising of them you will be paid extra accordingly.

We love to have gatherings and frequently do, and will most likely invite you along. If you have no horses of your own or in your care on the property we are pretty reasonable with days/nights away from the property, we just require proper notice (as long as it is when we are in town). WE are really very laid back and only ask for no drama, no drugs, no alcoholics, sorry-no children, and no slackers. This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone looking to start their own business. (must have own liability ins)

What we DO NOT offer: a ranch truck, health ins, workers comp, a side of beef, summers off, paid vacation (especially if you have your own horses) a larger salary to take care of your own animals and start your own business, a party pad, handouts.

Please call 516-816-6452 or email [email protected] for more detailed information.

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