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Susan Fulmer

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Somerset, CA
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April 20, 2016

Single Healer Wants to Share Ranch

Hello, my name is Susan and I own a beautiful, historic piece of land in Fairplay, CA (Sierras) ( see with stone outcroppings, access to wilderness trails, local wineries and wonderful sandy soil to grow just about anything organic. I’m a student of physical and energy healing therapies and herbology with an interest in horses and animal health. Could help with training my Spanish Mustangs, start a riding clinic, or scout trails to designate for local riding group use, healing retreat, open for ideas?

I’m looking to connect with other people who appreciate a positive lifestyle involving live foods and natural healing. It would be wonderful to even meet a partner who brings experience and knowledge to the table.

I do have a county permitted trailer space with full hookups and/or a bedroom or two (How about a separate duplex or master suite?) as my home is very large with an ozonated hot tub on the deck and a cold plunge right next to it. 100% pure Sierra spring water from 265′ well. Ideas for sharing property expense and/or solar, workshop income, or anything like classes for counseling in natural healing, equine therapy, etc. most welcome.

There’s a National Champion black walnut tree, winter creek, organic garden, old barn, pastures and the Cosumnes rivers nearby. Email me for photos.

If anyone is interested or knows of someone who may be wanting to share an existence in this magical area (or another), please contact me at the following:

Susan (530) 620-2031


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