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Nathaniel S.

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Full Time
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May 1, 2021
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0-2 yrs

Hello my name is Nathaniel, and I would like a job.

I am from Upstate New York originally, but am living in Ontario Canada as of now. It is my hope to leave Ontario for a better future as currently no one has the right to protest, let alone work. 

I would like to work on a farm or another outdoor job somewhere in Rural America, particularly the western states excluding California or the southern states excluding Maryland and Delaware. I really like Alaska as well. If this is a job in Canada, I am interested in Alberta, Newfoundland, Labrador, and the Territories.

I have roughly a half years experience working on a horse farm, as well as a half year working general carpentry. In addition I’ve spent a year at a school specializing in heritage carpentry. 

Some of my virtues are that I don’t smoke, rarely drink, enjoy excelling in my work, Will be on time, and have a likable personality. Some of my vices are that I overeat and get paranoid about not being good enough at a job. 

If you, find this posting likable, my email, as well as my phone number is included. Text would be preferable over call for first encounter. 

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