Position Wanted: Wrangler, Packer Looking for a Home

Kevin L.

Western USA
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
December 22, 2020
Housing Needed
10+ yrs

I have been wrangling and packing since 1985, and I would like to continue, and plan to continue for at least an other 10 years anyway. I'm looking now at the stock photo I've been sending with my resumes the past 15 years. It was taken the Saturday before 9/11 as I finished the morning jingle (but it still looks like me). Though the white in my beard that day was snow and ice, not much else has changed. The horse and carhart are are long gone I still ride that same McCall saddle the vest and gloves are behind the seat of my pick-up just in case, and I recently dropped the hat off to be refurbished at the maker's. I buy quality gear and I take care of it, mine and the company's.

The photo was taken by a guest and I dare say friend of mine and the Rawah ranch, who came with his wife and his friend and his wife every year for the 10 years I worked at Rawah. He sent me that picture and a copy that hangs on the wall of my trailer to this day. I tell you this because I had a special relationship with him and many of the guest at that ranch, and I miss it. At Rawah I did all day rides more days than not were I took guests up into the surrounding mountains on day long rides. Rawah specialized in lope rides and we loped but my rides there were mostly longer more scenic rides back into the wilderness, That I knew especially well as I worked there 5 season for the outfiter down the road.. Most often I took the same families and couples and their friends all week long. And they came back year after year, I really miss that.

Also although I do not call myself a cowboy, I worked 5 years each for the Boy Scouts at Philmont and said Outfitter (Old Glendevey) in the rawah's and another outfitter in the Bob Marshall, all of whom ran cattle I had to help push on and off summer range. All said and done I think I could make you a fair hand, and you might find I fit in fair good in your outfit I'd sure love to try, Kevin

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