Ranch Foreman needed at 5,000 Head Cattle Farm / Ranch in Nevada

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North Central Nevada
Job Type
Full Time
Executive level salary; commensurate with experience
Date Posted
October 16, 2020
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

Ranch Foreman manages the overall daily operations of a 5,000 head cattle farm/ranch. Provide supervision and direction to staff. May require a bachelor's degree or its equivalent with at least 5 years of related experience.

The Ranch Foreman would be on a job site to manage the workers and maintain the work schedule, assign jobs to specific individuals and groups and make sure that the time frame of the job is adhered to, as well as the proper sequence of the different jobs. The foreman must be a thinker and have a plan of operations. All responsibilities listed below are requirements, but not the entire extent of the job:


  • Daily monitor herd by riding horseback, in a truck or tractor
  • Ensure animals have access to water and food at all times
  • Identify sick animals and determine proper treatment or contact veterinarian
  • Gather and transport animals to market
  • Assist in branding or tagging of animals
  • Oversee and administer vaccination programs
  • Corral animals for vaccinations or branding
  • Maintain and build fences as well as any shelter buildings
  • Maintain ranch and herd equipment
  • Hire, train and supervise ranch hands or herdsmen
  • Monitor grazing land to ensure livestock is properly fed; may need to setup and monitor irrigation systems during droughts
  • May plant and harvest hay or forage to save for winter feed supply
  • Maintain financial, operational, production and employee records
  • Remain up to date regarding markets and industry trends
  • Maintain high standards of animal welfare

Salary: Executive pay level with benefits and housing.

To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address.

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