[FILLED] Ranch Staff Member Needed

Ranch at Dog Psychology Center






Santa Clarita, CA

Job Type

Part Time




Description :

General responsibility of daily maintenance and upkeep of the Dog Psychology Center.

Care for all animals at the DPC (dogs, horse, llamas, chickens, sheep, donkey, goats, etc).
Feeding, grooming and observe the overall health of the animals to determine if a vet visit should be scheduled.

Responsible for cleaning and upkeep of all animal living areas:
Dog Kennels
Livestock area
Chicken coop
Clean equipment used for animal maintenance
Ensure all equipment is in good working order

Responsible for cleaning and presentation of general areas throughout the Ranch.

When Training Cesar’s Way courses are in session, ensure that all classroom areas are neat and in order the day before students arrive.

When Training Cesar’s Way workshops take place:
Assist in set up and preparation for workshops as needed.
Be present for each day of the workshops to assist trainers and students as needed

Production runner: On days when filming takes place, responsible for ensuring all filming areas are clean and ready for crew. Assist with bringing dogs as needed.

Other tasks assigned