Caretaker needed at Colorado Mountain Ranch

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Estes Park, CO
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
November 5, 2020
Housing Offered
5-10 yrs

Looking for a drama-free, non-smoking, drug-free, year-round caretaker for a large, multi-home estate located on 320 acres in the Colorado mountains beside Rocky Mountain National Park.

Ideal candidate must be able to take direction and work independently with little to no supervision. Must be able to maintain a high level of detailed professional service. Should be ok having minimal social contact, but must be able to interface positively with guests and multiple vendors. Must possess a high sense of personal and professional integrity.

Prefer to hire someone who grew up on a ranch or a farm and is very familiar with the hardworking mindset and commitment to service that is rarely found in people who don’t know this lifestyle. People who are new to this line of work or are looking to explore this line of work, need not apply.

Confidentiality, privacy, and concern for the owner’s wellbeing and interests are of the highest priority at all times. Someone with experience working for an exclusive, upscale, and high profile clientele is highly desirable.

Responsibilities include:

  • Interior and exterior house cleaning and maintenance with a need for a high level of attention to detail to keep things in impeccable condition.
  • Ability to direct and oversee multiple vendors and service companies when they visit the properties.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of security and camera systems as well as interfacing with law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency services as needed.
  • Research, coordinate and schedule vendors as needed. Occasionally plan activities, make trips to town for errands, or grocery shopping for guests as needed.
  • Property maintenance skills needed to clear ditches, mending and constructing of fences, cutting grasses, irrigation, cutting and removal of trees / slash piles.
  • Ability and experience in safely operating ranch equipment, plows, tractors, skid steers, dump trucks, snow blowers, chainsaws and trailers. Also, ability to keep all mechanical equipment at a high level of functionality and insure all maintenance services are performed regularly.
  • Applicants must possess basic handyman, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing skills. When more advanced skills are needed, know when to call in the experts and see those repairs through to completion.
  • Animal husbandry skills required for approximately 25 cattle and up to ten horses seasonally.
  • Carpentry, remodeling, and other construction related work are desirable but not required.
  • Responsibility to protect the property from trespassing of all forms and not have any issues with confronting and dealing with those intrusions.

Caretaker housing will be provided off-site, but the caretaker will be required to be on premises working for the majority of a normal work week and then be on-call as needed for work on weekends and after hours.

Caretaker must provide proof of their own health insurance and keep that maintained throughout employment. All final applicants will be required to pass a thorough background check and will be required to sign some legal documents prior to hiring.

To apply, Please submit a resume, photo, and letters of reference when applying.

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