Part-time Cattle Ranch Hand need in Carbon County, Utah

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Wellington, UT
Job Type
Part Time
Date Posted
May 20, 2021
Housing Offered
2-5 yrs

Who we are:

  • A small family-owned and operated cattle ranch in Wellington, Utah
  • Raising approximately 50 pairs of cattle and calves
  • Raising 4 horses and 3 mules
  • Two dogs and many cats live on the property
  • Property managed: 500 acres of mountain property up Nine Mile Canyon (30 minutes from the farm in Wellington) and 165 acres in Wellington, including 68 acres of agriculturally productive farmland
  • Mainly growing grass and alfalfa

What you’ll be doing:

  • Daily Operations (morning) feeding and watering cats and dogs, horses, bulls, cows and other animals (Monday – Friday mainly)
  • Tending livestock (includes watering, feeding, birthing, branding, pasturing, herding, grooming, and doctoring the ranch's horses, mules and cattle)
  • Repairing, maintaining and cleaning fences, ranch buildings, and equipment
  • Hauling livestock to market and/or to mountain
  • Changing and monitoring wheel lines and hand lines
  • Watering trees, flowers, gardens on property
  • Managing water supply (reservoir shares, secondary, primary and common)
  • Plowing, cutting, baling, loading and stacking hay bales
  • Seasonal tasks (weeding, burning, trimming, turning on/off water supply, etc)
  • Odd jobs around the property (trimming trees, hauling trash, etc)

Skill, attributes and experience needed to do the job:

  • Experience driving a manual truck and trailer
  • Experience operating heavy machinery (tractor, baler, swather, backhoe, etc)
  • Comfortable around livestock and all animals
  • Experience around and riding a horse and/or mule
  • Must be a lover of all animals
  • Must be responsible, reliable and not afraid to work hard
  • Must be responsive and communicative
  • We are looking for an individual that truly loves ranching and would be excited to join our operation
  • The nature of the work requires flexibility, patience and understanding – Things always go wrong and much is out of our (or your) control

What you’ll get and what we’ll ask for in return:

  • This is not a full-time position, and we are open to working around an existing schedule. Some months will require a greater commitment on evenings and weekends (April – October).
  • Salary – paid in cash on a monthly basis
  • Salary depends on availability, length of commitment and requested “trades”
  • May trade labor for housing personal livestock or animals on the farm property and/or on the mountain property
  • May trade labor for hay and grass feed
  • Access to Nine Mile Canyon Ranch Property for leisure and entertainment
  • Minimum commitment of 6 months (Includes a 1-month trial period to ensure fit)
  • Will work closely with family members (particularly the patriarch) operating the farm
  • Background check is required
  • List of references (previous employers or colleagues) is required
  • Does not include room and board

To apply, forward bio & resume to our email address. Or call for more info.

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